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 Moonlight Sonata

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PostSubject: Moonlight Sonata   Moonlight Sonata Icon_minitimeSat Apr 20, 2013 7:33 pm

Karl,Jeff,a new member to our Society,and myself went to our usual Darksite last night 19-4-13.Apart from strong interferring Moonlight we had a good night calm atmospherics helped as well.We still found a few fuzzies to observe,including M.3,M37,M45,NGC.884-869,M97 to name but a few.Jupiter sported four moons to its left earlier in the night,then by about 22.45 Io which was positioned very close to the Jovian Disc disappeared,we could'nt at the time ascertain whether it had gone behind or in front of Jupiter.
Jeff wanted to hold on til Saturn had rose high enough to observe,and we were not disappointed,in the scopes the rings were in plain view,Saturn a golden yellow a beautiful sight,this Planet never fails to impress.Also we could see one moon to Saturn's right,and Titan to its lower left.
We spent three and a half hours observing before haze came in to spoil the night,there was a thick layer of frost over everything but never the less the three of us had a great night.On the second sighting of the ISS we followed it in the 20x80 bins and could see what looked like to small orbs just ahead of it,exciting.
We left for home at 12.30am cold but contented.

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Moonlight Sonata
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