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 Interesting night.

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Interesting night. Empty
PostSubject: Interesting night.   Interesting night. Icon_minitimeThu Feb 07, 2013 10:36 am

While the sky cleared for a while last night i managed an hour and a half.I got Melotte 20 (Perseus)N.G.C.884-869,M.34, Directly overhead.Then on to Cassiopeia Stock 2,then N.G.C.663,then to M.103.they were small hazy patches but there they were,also caught M.52
Jupiter was high and bright,with Ganymede top left of the Jovian Giant,then moving away from the Planet closest to farthest away at lower right were,Europa,Io,Callisto.
M.42 showed lovely wisps of Neblosity,i have'nt noticed before but below M.42 are a row of 4 stars approx mag +5 but with a brighter hotter blue star type B star to upper left of the third star to the right.The Trapezium was really throwing out some beautiful blue light,making the surrounding gas glow eeriely in the depths of space.
Halfway between Procyon and Betelgeuse i observed M.50 a small tight cluster with four stars at the front of the cluster forming a rectangle.Then on to M.81-82,always a lovely sightThen Herschel's Garnet star,this star was a beautiful sight high in the sky just beaming down at me.The amazing thing about this object is,that as i was looking at it i could'nt help but think that Herschel did exactly the same nearly 230 years ago.
Hyades,and Plieades,two fascinating groups were showing themselves off very well clear and crisp through my 20x80 Bins.
Auriga,M.36,37,38 faint far off smudges of light but definately worth a look.Polaris,alpha ursa minoris showing a fine binary system,now the temperature is dropping rather fast.Gemini and M35 i noticed with this cluster,three brightish stars of approx mag +4 forming an inverted triangle in front of the cluster.
While observing the Great Square of Pegasus a meteor shot due North to South inside the square mag +2.Looking at M31 it was standing on its toes,totally upright as opposed to how we normally observe this showpiece horizontally.
I then saw a satellite heading across the bowl of the plough towards Polaris watching it slowly fade away.
I then finished off with Sirius the Dog Star,the main object in Canis was just clearing the chimney pots,from my back yard,showing a full spectrum of colour,with an equally glowing halo of spectral colour,an awesome sight,then dreaded cloud came in and everything was blotted out.
Ah well go back into the house,sit down while my good wife makes me a piping hot mug of hot chocolate,Mmm such is life. Regards Duane.
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Interesting night.
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