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 Busy Half Hour.

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Busy Half Hour. Empty
PostSubject: Busy Half Hour.   Busy Half Hour. Icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 6:22 pm

I had a half hour before tea and knew the I.S.S. was due over 17.05 on the 23-12-12.So at 17.03 went outthe back door and looked up and there it was coming from the West,it was really bright and passed almost overhead.I walked up to the far end of my backyard to watch it dissappear over the rooftops.
Then with a 83% lit moon went for the double cluster in perseus,it was there but almost drowned out by moonlight.Plieades were still quite impressive,three satellites were observed one heading north to south direction from above Auriga to Andromeda.the second one heading in a north easterley direction from again Auriga to over the house tops lost in moonlight.The third was faint even in 20x80 bins crossing a short distance in the fov before dissappearing into the inky blackness of space,this was observed in the melotte 20 perseus region.
Tried for M.31 and M.15 but to much moonlight.
Jupiter was just coming over the rooftops so i aimed at this celestial delight to be rewarded with a lovely bright globe three moons to the left and one to the right.I also had a crazy notion i might spot some nebulae in and around Cassiopeia,N.G.C.663,m.52,Who was i kidding,very bright moon to the front of me and a pesky streetlight behind me.Still at least it was clear.But alas time for tea.

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Busy Half Hour.
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