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 New Bins first airing

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New Bins first airing Empty
PostSubject: New Bins first airing   New Bins first airing Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2012 8:01 pm

I went up Hamsterley tonight 5-11-12,to try out the new bins 20x80's.Started at 17.40 just a short time after the sun had set.I did'nt have long to wait before darkness really fell.
I started with m.31 then to ngc 884 and 869,against the dark background these two old friends looked set my sights on m.34 Perseus,then to the wild duck m.11.m.81and m.82 sometimes known as Bode's galaxy.In the meantime i could not believe the number of sattelites flying over.m.45 was now well on the way up from the eastern horizon which the big bins really showed this showpiece well.Then suddenly i spotted a meteor approx mag 2 which emanated from just below Enif below and right of the great square of Pegasus headed straight for the wild duck m.11.Jupiter and the four main moons were coming up behind a pesky tree but soon cleared to a beautiful sight through these bins.
I finished off with an irresistable look down the Milky Way from Perseus to below Aquila.Packing up at this point my Tea was calling from a far,so very happy and satisfied and a wee bit cold i set off home,leaving the Jovian Giant to rise to prominence in those glorius far off heavens.

Regards Duane.
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New Bins first airing
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