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PostSubject: NEW BISHOP AUCKLAND ASTRO SOC    Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:12 pm

Well done carl give your self a big pat on the back,fantastic job i'm well chuffed with what you've done.
I cant remember if you got peters mob number its ******* (personal phone no edited out - Admin) web address will follow asap.
Very sorry to hear about your Mam,hope she will be ok shortly mate.It's always worrying when something like that happens.
All we're doing is giving people who may not be able to travel far a fair chance to join a Soc close at hand,plus cater for the young at heart as well as more senior citizens.

Best Regards Duane Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: NEW BISHOP AUCKLAND ASTRO SOC    Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:32 pm

Hi Duane - thanks for the kind comments - and the well-wishes for my mum (she's improving steadily now, just a matter of time)

Also got your phone message - but by the time I was in, it was a bit late to return the call.

You'll see that your name is now blue - that means you now have Admin access, and moderator powers.
If you're not confident about messing round in the Admin section, don't worry, I'll do anything required until you learn your way round stuff like that - but if you look under posts in the forum, you should also see a little message telling you that you can moderate the forum - click that and you get the buttons for deleting posts, locking subjects, moving them, etc, etc...
You can now also edit or delete ANYBODY's posts - handy for removing swear-words, potential libel, provocative comments, that kinda thing....

I'll be setting up a swear-word filter soon too.

I'm also gonna set up one more section to the forum - that ONLY us Admins can see when we are logged in.
A sort of 'secret' out the way place for discussing what's going on with the forum.
It's standard practice - all forums have one - saves having to air the dirty laundry in public.
I'll be doing that probably this evening when I get in from hospital visiting - and I'll move this topic into there.

Will Peter be joining up soon do you think?

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