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 The Rules - please read before posting

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The Rules - please read before posting Empty
PostSubject: The Rules - please read before posting   The Rules - please read before posting Icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 5:23 am

Welcome to the official forum for Bishop Auckland Astronomical Society (BAAS)

This forum, is for the use of members of BAAS - Anyone can read the messageboards, but only members of BAAS may post.

The Rules

1. The Word of the Admin team on all matters is FINAL - Rules may be changed whenever neccesary.

2. Treat each other with respect - no personal attacks - perpetrators will be banned

3. No swearing please - Children may be reading.

4. Do not post ANY nude or sexually explicit material. This applies also to your avatars.

5. No Politics or Religion - these topics invariably descend into arguments or personal attacks - steer clear!

6. Prejudice of ANY kind will not be tolerated - no second chances - instant ban.

7. If you MUST argue - take your arguments off the boards - If we see it happening, we will delete it, and ban persistent offenders

8. No SPAM!

9. No multiple accounts (Except the Admin team - they will have access to the 'Admin' account, plus one personal username)

10. Astrophotgraphy:-
When posting someone elses images, always credit the original artist(s) - and obtain permission if neccesary.
Never claim someone elses images as your own - offenders will be banned.

11. Did I say - ADMIN's WORD IS FINAL

Views expressed on these forums may not neccesarily coincide with official policy of BAAS.
WE WILL however, delete anything that we deem to be offensive or libelous, as and when we see it.
Anything that may be 'provocative' - whether intentional or not - is also liable to be deleted.
Please inform us if you see any such posts (so that we CAN delete it)
Our main aim is to make this a pleasant place to discuss astronomy, and the business of BAAS.

And if you do have a personal issue with another member - take it up with them - not us - and keep it off the open forums.

BAAS Admin team
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The Rules - please read before posting
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